ISCC Conference: Plugging the West Coast Carbon Short

6 April, 2017, San Francisco (USA)

ISCC, in cooperation with PRIMA, has organized a high level conference, discussing upcoming developments in the low carbon fuels markets with a focus on the West Coast.

The focus of the ISCC/PRIMA Conference will be on:

  • Latest developments in low carbon fuels regulations and their market implications
  • Potential shortage of low carbon fuels and feedstock
  • International best practice on low carbon fuels production and trade
  • Need for secure verification of low carbon fuels (e.g. feedstock type, CI number, land use)

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7th ISCC Global Sustainability Conference

The 7th ISCC Global Sustainability Conference in Brussels on 15 February 2017 was a huge success and set with 220 registrations a new visitor record.

High profile speakers delivered interesting presentations on a broad range of topics. Beside biofuels, new markets such as aviation were represented. Panel discussions and networking sessions completed the event.

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ISCC is registered as System Administrator by the ARR in Poland

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ISCC EU re-recognized by the European Commission

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ISCC supports the United Nations
Global Compact

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ISCC contributes towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris COP21

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ISCC - Security through Certification

ISCC and ISCC PLUS are independent, globally applicable certification systems for sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions.

ISCC can be used to demonstrate compliance with sustainability requirements from authorities, business customers and final consumers. ISCC can be applied for the certification of all kinds of biomass and bioenergy as well as for biomass-based products in the food, feed and chemical industries. ISCC ensures that

  • Emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced
  • Biomass is not produced on land with high biodiversity and high carbon stock
  • Good agricultural practices protecting soil, water and air are applied
  • Human rights, labour and land rights are respected

ISCC certifications

are conducted by independent certification bodies that examine operational sustainability based on ISCC system documents, procedures and checklists.

Multi-stakeholder approach

ISCC was developed through an open multi-stakeholder process involving around 250 international associations, corporations, research institutions and NGOs. As a forum for stakeholder dialogue, the ISCC association was inaugurated in Berlin in January 2010 and today has more than 80 members.